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What is Shunem?
        (two resting-places), a city in the territory of Issachar. Josh 19:18. The Philistines encamped there before the great battle of Gilboa. 1 Sam 28:4. David's wife, Abishag, was of Shunem, 1 Kgs 1:3, and it was the residence of the Shunammite woman who entertained Elisha. 2 Kgs 4:8. It answers to the modern Sulem, on the southwestern slope of Little Hermon, about 53 miles north of Jerusalem, 8 Roman miles from Tabor, and 3 1/2 miles north of Jezreel. The village is encircled by enclosed gardens and luxuriant fields of grain. Porter noticed children playing bareheaded in the grain-fields under the burning sun, thus illustrating how the Shunammite's child may have played in the prophet Elisha's day. The villagers are rude and hostile. The place is in full view of the sacred sites on Mount Carmel; it has a spring, from which, doubtless, the Philistine army was supplied with water.

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