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What is Shittim?
        (acacias), the last encampment of the Israelites before entering Canaan; the scene of the sin with the Midianites, and of its terrible punishment, Num 25; Num 31:1-12; the completion of the Law and the farewell of Moses; the sending forth of the spies to Jericho; and the final preparation before crossing the Jordan. Josh 2. Physical Features. - Shittim - also called Abel-shittim, or "the meadow of acacias," from the number of acacia trees in it - was the green, fertile, well-watered plain stretching from the foot of the mountains of Moab to the Jordan. Tristram describes it as "by far the largest and richest oasis in the whole Ghor." Many acacia (shittim) trees still grow there. The plain now bears the name of Ghor es-Seisaban. At the north is Tell Nimrin (Beth-nimrah). South of this are Tell Kefrain (Abel-shittim and Abila of Josephus), Tell er-Rama (Bethharam), and Suceimeh, which Dr. Merrill and others would identify with Bethjeshimoth. See Abel-shittim.

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