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Who is Shelemiah?
        (whom Jehovah repays). 1. 1 Chr 26:14. See Meshel-emiah. 2., 3. Two persons who had foreign wives. Ezr 10:39, 1 Chr 4:41. 1. Father of Hananiah. Neh 3:30. 2. A priest appointed by Nehemiah a treasurer. Josh 13:13. 3. Ancestors of one in time of Jehoiakin. Jer 36:14. 4. Father of one of Jeremiah's accusers to Zedekiah, Job 37:3; Isa 38:1; perhaps identical with him mentioned in Jer 36:26. 5. Father of the captain of a ward who arrested Jeremiah. Ps 37:13.

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