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Who is Shallum?
        (retribution). 1. The murderer of Zachariah, king of Israel. He usurped the crown, but was slain by Menahem at the end of the first month of his reign, b.c. 771. 2 Kgs 15:10-15. 2. The husband of the prophetess Huldah in the reign of Josiah. 2 Kgs 22:14; 2 Chr 34:22. 3. A man of Judah. 1 Chr 2:40-41. 4. The fourth son of Josiah, king of Judah, and king three months, 1 Chr 3:15; Jer 22:11; called Jehoahaz in 2 Kgs 23:31-34; 2 Chr 36:1-4. 5. A man of Simeon. 1 Chr 4:25. 6. A high priest. 1 Chr 6:12-13; Ezr 7:2. 7. A son of Naphtali. 1 Chr 7:13. See Shillem. 8. The chief of a family of porters. 1 Chr 9:17. His descendants returned with Zerubbabel. Ezr 2:42; Neh 7:45. 9. One of the porters. 1 Chr 9:19, 1 Chr 9:31. 10. A chief Ephraimite. 2 Chr 28:12. 11. A Levite porter who had a foreign wife. Ezr 10:24. 12. A similar offender. Ezr 10:42. 13. One who helped to build the wall. Neh 3:12. 14. The uncle of the prophet Jeremiah, Jer 32:7. 15. A temple-doorkeeper. Jer 35:4.

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