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Who is Sennacherib?
        (Heb. Sanherib, Sin, the moon, sent many brothers - i.e., he was not his father's eldest son) was king of Assyria when Hezekiah reigned in Judah. He was the son and successor of Sargon. Judah had paid tribute to Assyria, but under Hezekiah it revolted, and so revenge was determined upon; accordingly Sennacherib appears in the Bible as the invader of Palestine on two occasions. The first time he was pacified by a tribute. 2 Kgs 18:14. But, Hezekiah having the second time revolted, he sent an embassy with a few troops to the capital and demanded submission. He also sent an insulting letter to Hezekiah, who went up to the house of the Lord and prayed for deliverance. His prayer was answered, for the Assyrian army besieging Libnah was smitten with a plague so severe Seunacherib on his Throne. (From monuments at Kouyunjik.) that it is stated 185,000 died in one night. The effect of this catastrophe was that the siege was raised and Sennacherib retreated to Nineveh. 2 Kgs 19:35. Many years - perhaps twenty - after this he was worshipping in the house of his god Nisroch when Adrammelech and Sharezer, his sons, smote him with the sword. 2 Kgs 19:37. He was succeeded by Esar-haddon. Sennacherib's reign lasted twenty-two years, b.c. 705-682. It was brilliant. He crushed the revolt of Babylon, attacked Sidon, made many cities tribute, and, as Sargon had done, laid a heavy hand upon the neighboring nations. He made Nineveh his capital and adorned it with many splendid buildings. His palaces were large and beautiful. His monuments exist in unexpected places. Thus, at the mouth of the Nahr el-Kalb, near Beyrout, and close by an inscription of Rameses the Great of Egypt, is the record of his arrival.

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