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What is Seba?
        (man ?), a wealthy and commercial region of Ethiopia, Ps 72:10; Isa 43:3; Isa 45:14; Eze 23:42. Seba appears to have corresponded to the northern portion of Abyssinia. Josephus placed the original Seba at Meroe, but the name seems, in later times, to have included a region of considerable importance on the south-western coast of the Red Sea. Its inhabitants are mentioned with Sheba, Ps 72:10, the trading-people of the other side of the sea. The inhabitants of both Sheba and Seba were called Sabreans by Greek and Latin writers, but the Hebrew words are distinct. Meroe lay between the river Astaboras, the northern tributary of the Nile, and the Astapus or "Blue River." The capital city was about 90 miles south of the junction of the Astaboras and the Nile. Extensive ruins 20 miles northeast of Shendy, in Nubia, near the Nile, may indicate the site. See Sabaeus.

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