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What is Sardis?
        , a city in Asia Minor, and the capital of Lydia. Sardis was situated at the foot of Mount Tmolus, about 50 miles north-east of Smyrna and 30 miles south-east of Thyatira. It was on the river Pactolus, celebrated for its "golden sands," and some 2 miles from the river Hermes. The site was one of great beauty. History. - Sardis had great celebrity as the residence of the famous Croesus, whose name is the synonym for riches. When Cyrus conquered him, b.c. 548, he is said to have taken treasure of the value of $600,000,000. The Persians kept a garrison in the citadel. Alexander gained possession of the city after the battle of Granieus, and garrisoned it. Antiochus the Great sacked the city, b.c. 214; afterward it was subject to the kings of Pergamos. An earthquake destroyed it in the reign of Tiberius, a.d. 17, but it was rebuilt, the emperor remitting the tribute for five years and granting the money to assist in reconstructing the city. The prosperity of Sardis arose from its convenience as a commercial mart and prosperous manufactures. The art of dyeing wool was discovered there. Sardis was the seat of one of the seven churches of Asia, and the Christians seem to have been so corrupted by the prevailing worldliness that they received a severe rebuke. Rev 3:1-5. Present Condition. - The ruins of Sardis are now called Sert-Kalessi. Among the remains are two massive columns over 6 feet in diameter, standing upright, and supposed to have belonged to the massive temple of Cybele; the senate-house, called the house of Croesus, having one hall 156 feet long by 43 broad, with walls 10 feet thick. A Roman sarcophagus has lately been discovered, a famous tomb of Alyattes - one of the wonders of the world - a gigantic mound, several tumuli, and Roman walls in ruins. The place was also famed in classic story for the "golden sands" of Pactolus. The site is now very unhealthy, and few, if any, people inhabit it.

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