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Who is Sarah?
        (princess). 1. The half sister and wife of Abraham, called "Sarai" down to Gen 17:15, when God changed her name from "my princess," as for Abraham, to "princess," for all the race. In addition to the notice of her in the article Abraham, it may be proper to say that she as well as Abraham was the subject of special promises. Gen 17:16. Her conduct in Egypt, Gen 12:15, and toward Hagar, Gen 16:6; Lev 21:10, and also when Isaac was promised. Gen 18:15, evinced great weakness, but her exemplary faith is commended by the apostles. Heb 11:11; 1 Pet 3:6. She lived to one hundred and twenty-seven years of age, or upward of thirty-six years after the birth of Isaac, and was buried in a field of Machpelah, which Abraham bought for the purpose. 2. A woman mentioned in Num 26:46. See Serah.

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