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What is Samos?
        (a height), an island in the AEgean Sea, a few miles from the main land, and 42 miles south-west of Smyrna, The island is 27 miles long, 10 miles wide, and has an area of 165 square miles. It was the seat of Juno-worship, the birthplace of Pythagoras, and noted for its valuable pottery. Paul visited the island on his third missionary journey. Acts 20:16. Samos was then the capital of the island. Two miles to the west was the temple of Juno; there was a sacred way, which can still be traced, from the city to the temple. The modern name of the port at which Paul landed is Tiqani. The island now contains about 60,000 inhabitants, and is noted for its productions of oil, wine, oranges, grapes, raisins, and silk.

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