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Who is Jozabad?
        (whom Jehovah bestows). 1., 2. Two Manassite chiefs who came to David before the battle of Gilboa. 1 Chr 12:20. 1. A Levite who was prominent in Hezekiah's reforms. 2 Chr 31:13. 2. A Levite chief during Josiah's reign who took part in the great Passover. 2 Chr 35:9. 3. A Levite under Ezra who weighed the gold and silver vessels in the temple. Ezr 8:33. 4. A priest who had a foreign wife. Ezr 10:22. 5. A Levite chief who had a foreign wife, and one who probably helped Ezra explain the Law. Neh 8:7; Num 11:16.

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