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Who is Jeshua?
        , in one case JESH'UAH (whom Jehovah helps). 1. The chief of the ninth division of the priests. Ezr 2:36; Neh 7:39. He is called Jeshuah in 1 Chr 24:11. 2. A Levite in Hezekiah's reign placed over a city of the priests "to distribute the oblations of the Lord." 2 Chr 31:15. 3. A high priest after the Captivity, son of Jehozadak. He was probably born in Babylon, as his father was a captive. 1 Chr 6:15. He returned with Zerubbabel, and was active in rebuilding the temple and in re-establishing the ordinances of religion. Ezr 2:2; 2 Sam 3:2, etc.; Ruth 4:3; Esth 6:2; Neh 10:18; Neh 7:7; Neh 12:1, etc. By Zechariah he is represented as a type of Christ. By this prophet and by Haggai he is called Joshua. See Zech 3:1, Num 1:3, Acts 19:8-9; Hag 1:1, Jud 4:12, 2 Kgs 22:14; Gen 2:2, Hab 2:4. 4. The head of the most numerous family that returned with Zerubbabel. Ezr 2:6; Neh 7:11. 5. Head of a Levitical house. Ezr 2:40; Neh 7:43. 6. A Levite. Ezr 8:33. 7. One whose son helped repair the wall. Neh 3:19. 8. A Levite who read the Law. Neh 8:7; Neh 9:4-5; Neh 12:8, Matt 12:24. 9. Joshua, the son of Nun; mentioned thus Neh 8:17.

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