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Who is Jehoshaphat?
        (whom Jehovah judges). 1. The royal "recorder" or annalist under David and Solomon. 2 Sam 8:16; 2 Sam 20:24; 1 Kgs 4:3; 1 Chr 18:15. 2. Solomon's purveyor for the tribe of Issachar. 1 Kgs 4:17. 3. The son and successor of Asa, king of Judah, 1 Kgs 15:24; 2 Chr 17:1; called Josaphat in Matt 1:8, and in 2 Chr 21:2 the king of Israel, where the writer uses the generic term. He came to the throne at the age of 35, and reigned 25 years, b.c. 914-890. He was a prince of distinguished piety, and his reign was powerful and prosperous. 2 Chr 17:3-6. Among other evidences of his piety and benevolence, we are told that he caused the altars and places of idolatry to be destroyed, a knowledge of the law to be diffused throughout the kingdom, and the places of judicial and ecclesiastical authority to be filled by the wisest and best men of the land. 2 Chr 17:6-9; 2 Chr 19:5-11. His sin in forming a league with Ahab, contrary to the counsel of Micaiah, against Ramoth-gilead, 2 Chr 18, was severely censured by Jehu, 2 Chr 19:2, and had nearly cost him his life. 2 Chr 18:31. A few years after this the kingdom of Judah was invaded by a confederacy of Edomites, Moabites, and others. They collected their forces at En-gedi, and threatened to overthrow the kingdom. Jehoshaphat proclaimed a fast, and the people from all parts of the kingdom -men, women, and children- came up to Jerusalem; and being assembled in one place, the king himself made supplication to God for help in their extremity. 2 Chr 20:6-12. His prayer was answered, and a certain and easy victory was promised by the Lord through Jahaziel, a Levite. On the following day the army of Judah went forth to meet the enemy, preceded by a company of singers, who praised the name of the Lord. The enemy were panic-struck and fell into irrecoverable confusion, and instead of facing their adversaries turned their swords against each other, until they were utterly routed and overthrown; so that Jehoshaphat and his men had no occasion to engage in the conflict. And such abundance of spoil remained in the camp that the men of Judah were employed three days in collecting it. 2 Chr 20:14-27. Still later in his life, Jehoshaphat connected himself with Ahaziah, son and successor of Ahab, king of Israel, in a naval expedition; but this alliance with a wicked king turned out disastrously; as had been predicted by Eliezer, the son of Dodovah; for while the fleet lay at Ezion-geber it was utterly destroyed by a violent storm. 2 Chr 20:35, 2 Chr 20:37. See Ahaziah. Again he involved himself in an alliance with Jehoram, the second son of Ahab, and also with the Edomites, for the purpose of invading the land of Moab; but while they attempted to make their way through the wilderness their water failed, and the whole army must have perished with thirst had not a miraculous supply been granted in answer to the prayers of Elisha, who accompanied the army. 2 Kgs 3:6-20. Jehoshaphat left seven sons, one of whom, Jehoram, succeeded him. It may be said of his reign, as of that of many others in ancient and modern times, that his schemes of reform were dependent on his personal influence, and, not being in conformity with the popular sentiment and general policy of the country, were not of permanent utility. 1. The father of King Jehu. 2 Kgs 9:2, 2 Kgs 9:14. 2. A priest in the time of David. 1 Chr 15:24.

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