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Who is Jehoiakim?
        (whom Jehovah sets up), eldest son of Josiah, and the brother and successor of Jehoahaz, king of Judah. 2 Kgs 23:36. His original name was Eliakim, but it was changed by order of the king of Egypt, 2 Kgs 23:34, who put him on the throne. The iniquity of his reign is strongly depicted by the historian and prophet, 2 Kgs 24:4; 2 Chr 36:8; Jer 22, Jer 26, Jer 36. His end was in strict accordance with the prediction concerning him. For the first four years of his reign Jehoiakim was subject to the king of Egypt, and paid an enormous tribute. Then he became tributary for three years to Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, 2 Kgs 24:1, but he rebelled, in punishment was attacked by neighboring tribes, and then Nebuchadnezzar took him prisoner and at first bound him with chains to carry him to Babylon, 2 Chr 36:6; Dan 1:2, but afterward set him at liberty and left him at Jerusalem, to reign as a tributary prince. The whole time of his reign was eleven years, b.c. 609-598. The expression Jer 36:30 is not to be taken strictly, and yet, as the reign of Jehoiachin was for only thirteen weeks, Jehoiakim may be said to have been comparatively without a successor. The same explanation applies to 2 Kgs 23:34, where Eliakim is said to have succeeded his father, Josiah; whereas the reign of Jehoahaz intervened. This was so short, however, as not to be reckoned in the succession. Jehoiakim was a bad king, extravagant, irreverent, and vicious. His burning of Jeremiah's roll revealed his ungodly life. Jer 36:23. His murder of Urijah, Jer 26:23, and treatment of Jeremiah indicated his reckless cruelty. The latter prophet bravely denounced the oppression, injustice, covetousness, luxury, and tyranny of this miserable monarch. Jer 22:13-17. He was murdered in the eleventh year of his reign, and was "buried with the burial of an ass." Jer 22:19.

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