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Who is Jeduthun?
        (praising), an eminent master of the temple-music, to whom several of the Psalms are inscribed, see Ps 39, Ps 62, Ps 77, etc., or by whom, as some suppose, they were written. Probably he was identical with Ethan. 1 Chr 6:44; 1 Chr 15:17, 1 Chr 15:19; 1 Chr 16:38, 1 Chr 16:41-42; 1 Chr 25:1-6. "We find subsequently his division officiating when the temple was completed, 2 Chr 5:12, in Hezekiah's reformation, 2 Chr 29:14, and also under Josiah, 2 Chr 35:15; moreover, after the Captivity, a descendant of his house is mentioned. 1 Chr 9:16; Neh 11:17. Three Psalms have Jeduthun in their titles, Ps 39, Ps 62, Ps 77; probably they were to be sung by his musical division." -- Ayre.

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