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Who are the Jebusites?
        , the name of a tribe inhabiting the portion of Canaan about Jebus or Jerusalem in the time of Joshua, and which the Israelites were commanded to destroy. Deut 7:1; Deut 20:17. They joined Jabin against Joshua. Their king, Adoni-zedek, was slain and they defeated. Josh 11:3; Josh 10:15, 1 Kgs 10:26; later their city was burnt, but reoccupied by the Jebusites. Jud 1:21 and Josh 15:63; Josh 19:10-22. David conquered their stronghold, and it became a part of his capital, Jerusalem. 2 Sam 5:6, 2 Sam 5:8; 1 Chr 11:4-6. Solomon made the Jebusites pay tribute, 1 Kgs 9:20, and some were known after the captivity. Ezr 9:1. David bought the place of Araunah the Jebusite for an altar, and this afterward became the site of the temple. 2 Sam 24:16-25.

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