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Who is Japheth?
        (enlargement), the second son of Noah. Gen 5:32; Gen 10:21. The prophetic blessing pronounced on Japheth by his father, Gen 9:27, was accomplished to the full extent of the promise. From him have come, (1) Gomer, or the Cymri or Celts; (2) Magog, or the Scythians and Sarmatians (Slavonians); (3) Madai, or the Medes or Aryans; (4) Javan, or the Greeks; (5) Tubal, or the Tibareni; (6) Meshech, or the Moschi; (7) Tiras, or the Teutons. The Japhetic races have occupied "'the isles of the Gentiles' -- i. e. all the coastlands in Europe and Asia Minor and islands of the Mediterranean -- whence they spread northward over Europe and much of Asia, from India and Persia in the east to the extreme west of Europe, and now to America and Australia." -- Fausset: Englishman's Bible Cyclopaedia. The other branch of prophecy, "he (God) shall dwell in the tents of Shem," was fulfilled when the divine Presence was manifested in the tabernacle and temple; or if we read, "he (Japheth) shall dwell in the tents of Shem," it was fulfilled literally when the Greeks and Romans (descended from Japheth) subdued Judaea, the inheritance of Shem, and figuratively when the descendants of Japheth (the Gentiles) received the gospel, which the Jews, who were of the seed of Shem, rejected.

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