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Who is Jair?
        (whom Jehovah enlightens). 1. A chief warrior under Moses, descended from the most powerful family of Judah and Manasseh by his father and mother respectively. He took all the country of Argob (the modern Lejab) on the east side of Jordan, and, besides, some villages in Gilead, which he called Havoth-jair, "villages of Jair." 1 Chr 2:21-23; Num 32:41; Deut 3:14; comp. Josh 13:30. 2. Jair the Gileadite, who judged Israel 22 years. "He had thirty sons who rode on thirty ass-colts, and they had thirty cities, which are called Havothjair, which are in Gilead." Jud 10:3-5. 3. A Benjamite, father of Mordeeai. Esth 2:5. 4. In 1 Chr 20:5 in the A.V., Jair occurs, but it is a totally different name in Hebrew, meaning "whom God awakens." This Jair was the father of Elhanan, who killed Lachmi, the brother of Goliath. He is called Jaareoregim in 2 Sam 21:19.

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