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What is Jahaz?
        (place trodden down), a Moabitish city situated near the desert; afterward reckoned to the tribe of Reuben and assigned to the priests. Num 21:23; Deut 2:32; Isa 15:4; Jer 48:34. It is also called Jahaza, Josh 13:18, Jahazah, Josh 21:36; Jer 48:21, and Jahzah. 1 Chr 6:78. At this place the Israelites gained a victory over Sihon and conquered the territory between the Arnon and the Jabbok; but in later times Jahaz seems to have been occupied by the Moabites. Osborn locates Jahaz a mile south of the Arnon and 12 miles east of the Dead Sea.

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