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What is Jabbok?
        (emptying), a stream rising about 25 miles east of the north end of the Dead Sea, and flowing east, then northward and westward, and finally south-west, into the Jordan about midway between the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. It is now called the Zerka or "blue" river. It has a small branch flowing into it past Gerosh, but no branch from the north-east as indicated on most maps. Across this stream Jacob sent his family, and here his wrestling for a blessing occurred. Gen 32:22-24. The Israelites conquered the kingdoms of Og and Sihon, but not the Ammonite country nor the upper Jabbok, which explains Deut 2:37. Compare Num 21:24; Deut 3:16; Josh 12:2; Jud 11:13, Neh 11:22. The Jabbok before it enters the Jordan valley flows through a deep, narrow ravine, the hills being from 1600 to 2000 feet in height. They are covered with verdure and are very picturesque. The stream in most of its course is perennial, swollen, deep, and rapid in winter; it abounds in small fish of excellent flavor.

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