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What is Geba?
        (kill), a Levitical city of Benjamin, Josh 21:17; 1 Chr 6:60; also called Gaba. Josh 18:24. In the reign of Saul it was held by the Philistines, but taken by Jonathan, 1 Sam 13:3; was a northern landmark of Judah, 2 Kgs 23:8; was rebuilt by Asa, 1 Kgs 15:22; held by the Assyrians, Isa 10:29; peopled by Benjamites after the Captivity. Ezr 2:26. Geba and Gibeah appear to be sometimes confounded in the English Version (see 1 Sam 14:5), though they were separate towns. Geba was near Michmash and on the south side of the ravine. It has been identified with Jeba, a deserted village 6 miles north of Jerusalem, and 1 mile from Michmash. The ravine now called Wady Suweinit is the ancient pass of Michmash. 1 Sam 14:5, 1 Sam 14:31.

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