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What is a Gate?
     1 Sam 4:18. The entrances to walled cities are secured by gates of either wood, iron, or brass. Acts 12:10. Houses also were protected in the same way, and sometimes a door or passage was made in the gate, so as to save the necessity of opening the whole gate every time a single person would pass. Acts 12:13. In many Asiatic cities there were broad streets covered over wholly or in part, and appropriated to merchants or tradesmen in particular branches of business, and there were also open squares in which the booths and stalls of venders were erected. These were frequently at the gates of the city, which were, of course, places of the greatest concourse. 2 Sam 15:2, 2 Kgs 7:1; Neh 8:1; Job 29:7; Prov 22:22; Prov 31:23. The gates were often also the places of judicial proceedings, Deut 17:5; Deut 25:7; Am 5:10, Am 5:12, Am 5:15 -- the mode of conducting which may be learned from Ruth 4:1-12 -- and of general resort. Gen 19:1, and, of course, frequented by idlers and loungers. Ps 69:12. In Arabia the gate of the city is still the place of judgment. Gate of Damascus. As the possession of the gates of the city was a possession of the city itself, the word is sometimes used to signify power. Gen 22:17; Isa 24:12. Hence the expression of our Lord that "the gates of hell"(Hades) shall never prevail against his Church. Matt 16:18. The government of the sultan is called "the Sublime Porte." Gates, like doors, were often ornamented, 1 Kgs 6:34; 2 Kgs 18:16, etc.; the Beautiful Gate, Acts 3:2, required 20 men to close it. "The figurative expression 'to exalt the gate,' Prov 17:19 -- i.e. to have the opening of the gateway lofty -- implies ostentation, which is likely to provoke envy, and therefore leads often to destruction." -- Ayre.

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