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Who is Ehud?
        (union). 1. A great-grandson of Benjamin. 1 Chr 7:18; 1 Chr 8:6. 2. A son of Gera, of the tribe of Benjamin, who delivered the Israelites from the oppression which they suffered under Eglon, king of Moab. Jud 3:15. The Israelites sent Ehud to pay some tax or tribute to Eglon as a token of their allegiance. Under the pretence that he had some secret message to the king, he obtained a private audience; and while they were together, Ehud drew a dagger which he had made expressly for the purpose, and gave him a mortal wound. The custom of delivering confidential messages in secret appears to have been so common that the attendants of Eglon left his presence as soon as Ehud's wish was known. Such is the custom in Eastern courts at this day; as soon as a confidential message is announced the audience-chamber is cleared of all but the messenger. Ehud fled toward Mount Ephraim; and summoning the oppressed Israelites to his help, they secured the fords of the Jordan, so that the Moabites, by whom their land was garrisoned, might not escape. As soon as he had collected a sufficient force he fell upon the Moabites, and cut them off in every direction. "And the land had rest fourscore years." Jud 3:26-30.

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