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What is a Bishop?
     1 Tim 3:2. The original Greek word means "overseer," as Joseph was in Potiphar's house. Gen 39:4, or as the three thousand six hundred men were in Solomon's temple, 2 Chr 2:18, or as Uzzi was of the Levites. Neh 11:22. In the N. T. the term is synonymous with presbyter or elder, with this difference -- that bishop is borrowed from the Greek and signifies the function, presbyter is derived from an office in the synagogue and signifies the dignity of the same office. Comp. Acts 20:17,Acts 20:28; Phil 1:1; 1 Tim 3:1ff.; Tit 1:5ff. These presbyters or bishops of the apostolic period were the regular teachers and pastors, preachers and leaders, of the congregations. We may imagine, however, that among themselves there would be a division made BIS BLE according to individual fitness. See Elder.

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