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What is a Basket?
     The word is the uniform term by which several picturesque Hebrew terms are translated. The context will generally enable us to decide not only on the probable size of the "basket," but also on its material. Thus, that mentioned in Jud 6:19 must have been of metal, while that in which Paul was let down from the wall at Damascus was of rope. 2 Cor 11:33. Wicker was, however, probably the usual material. They were of all shapes, sizes, and for all purposes. The fact is unfortunately concealed in our version Egyptian Baskets. (After Wilkinson.) that the word for "basket" in the account of the miracle of feeding the five thousand, Matt 14:20; Matt 16:9; Mark 6:43; Luke 9:17; John 6:13, is entirely different from that similarly translated in the miracle of feeding the four thousand. Matt 15:37; Mark 8:8 -- an indirect but striking proof that there were two miracles. It is not, however, possible to tell wherein the difference consisted.

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