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Who is Bariah?
        (fugitive), one of David's posterity. 1 Chr 3:22. BAR-JE'SUS was a magician who resided with Sergius Paulus at Paphos, on the isle of Cyprus, when Paul and Barnabas were there. Acts 13:6. He is also known by his Arabic designation Elymas the Sage. Sergius Paulus was an officer of high rank under the Roman government, and was anxious to receive religious instruction from the two missionaries. But Bar-jesus, seeing that his occupation and influence would cease wherever the light of the gospel should come, opposed himself to Paul and Barnabas, and tried to dissuade Paulus from giving heed to their preaching. Paul gave him a most severe reproof, immediately after which the wicked man was struck with temporary blindness as a rebuke from God. See Sergius Paulus.

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