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Who is Aretas?
     2 Cor 11:32. The king of Arabia Petraia at the time View of "Mars' Hill," or Aivopamis. {From Lewin's "Life of St, Paul.") the governor of Damascus attempted to apprehend Paul. Acts 9:24, Gal 4:25. His daughter married Herod Antipas, but was afterward divorced to make room for Herodias. In consequence of this insult, Aretas made war upon Antipas and routed him. The emperor Tiberius then despatched the governor of Syria to the assistance of Antipas, with orders to bring the Arabian to Rome alive, or if dead to send his head. While on the march against him Vitellius learned that Tiberius was dead, a.d. 37. He then dismissed his troops. Antipas was soon after banished and his- kingdom given to Agrippa. It is likely that Aretas was restored to the good graces of the Romans, and that Caligula granted him Damascus, which had already formed part of his predecessor's kingdom. In this way we can account for the fact in Paul's life stated above.

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