Geography and the Life of Jesus

Provinces and Tetrarchies in Palestine

New Testament Cities Distances

Cities Jesus Visited

Cities of the Decapolis




Lakes and Seas

Valleys and Plains


Jesus came to his home, the Land of Israel, which was the land promised to the first Hebrew, Abraham. The Lord established a covenant with Abraham and promised that one day his "seed" (descendant) would be a blessing to all nations. This was exactly why Israel was referred to as "The Promised Land." Jesus, the promised seed of Abraham was the fulfillment of that promise, and everything beautiful about the land of Israel is because of Jesus. The geography is only secondary, yet it is truly amazing how much the Lord adored the land of Israel because in it He not only saw the beauty throughout, but He saw landmarks that revealed the promises that God had faithfully kept with His people.

An understanding of the geography of the ancient world is of tremendous value in understanding the life of Jesus. It is my conviction that a good Bible atlas is an essential tool for any serious student of the Bible, that is why I felt the need to create a tool like this. You can follow the yellow numbers on the map in numerical order.