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(1) choresh (compare proper name Harosheth), 2 Ch 27:4. In 1 Sam 23:15 ff translated "wood"; in Isa 17:9, "wood"; in Ezek 31:3, "forest-like shade." Applied to any thick growth of vegetation but not necessarily so extensive as (3).
(2) pardec: Neh 2:8, margin "park"; Eccl 2:5, the King James Version "orchards," the Revised Version (British and American) "parks"; Song 4:13, English Versions of the Bible "orchard," the Revised Version, margin "paradise." A word of Persian origin signifying probably an enclosure.
(3) ya`ar from root meaning "rugged"; compare Arabic wa`ar, "a rugged, stony region." It is sometimes rendered "forest" and sometimes (but less often in the Revised Version (British and American)) "wood." It is used of certain definite wooded tracts: "the forest in Arabia" (Isa 21:13, margin "thickets"); "the forest of Carmel" (2 Ki 19:23 the King James Version, the Revised Version (British and American) "of his fruitful field"); "the forest of Hereth" (1 Sam 22:5); "the forest of Lebanon" (1 Ki 7:2 f; 10:17-21; 2 Ch 9:16-20); "the forest of Ephraim," East of the Jordan (2 Sam 18:6,8,17). The word ya`ar appears also in well-known Kiriath-jearim, "the city of forests," and Mr. Jearim (Josh 15:10). Among numerous other references the following may be cited: Dt 19:5; Josh 17:15,18; 1 Ch 16:33; 2 Ki 2:24; Ps 80:13; 83:14; 96:12; 132:6; Eccl 2:6; Song 2:3; 1 Sam 7:2; 14:25,26; Jer 4:29; 46:23; Ezek 34:29; Mic 3:12; 7:14.
(4) cebhakh, from root meaning "to interweave." A "thicket" (Gen 22:13; Jer 4:7); "thicket of trees" (Ps 74:5); "thickets of the forest" (Isa 9:18; 10:34).
(5) 'adbhim, "thicket" (Jer 4:29).
From many references it is evident that Israel had in Old Testament times much more extensive forests and woodlands than today. For a discussion of the subject see BOTANY.
E. W. G. Masterman
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