The Archers of Darius

Glazed Bas-relief Depicting the Archers of Darius I

This glazed brick relief depicts archers from the Persian army of Darius I in ceremonial dress from ancient Susa around 500 BC.

Louvre Excerpt

The Archers of Darius
Around 500 BC
Bas-relief. Glazed bricks
H 4.75 m
AO 488


"Darius I (522-486 BC) made Susa his administrative capital, building his palace in the Babylonian tradition, to which was added a throne room with columns in the Iranian tradition. The glazed brick decor of this palace centres on images of the Persian army. The archers are shown in ceremonial dress, rather than in fighting gear. Anxious to depict this pleated dress, in keeping with the tradition of Luristan, the Susian enamelers borrowed from the Greek model, but stylized it in their own inimitable way" - Louvre

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