Stele Showing the Storm-God Baal

Stele Showing the Storm-God Baal

This sandstone sculpture from Ugarit depicts Baal the Storm-God

Louvre Excerpt

Stele Showing the Storm-God Baal
Ras-Shamra, formerly Ugarit
14th-13th centuries BC
H 1.42 m
AO 15775


"The god is shown brandishing a mace and a spear, the extremity of which is tipped with vegetation; this is an allusion to the beneficial effects of the rain released by the storm. A young and popular god, celebrated in beautiful mythological texts discovered at Ugarit, Baal is also the tutelary god the dynasty: the king of Ugarit is shown in prayer beneath the arms of Baal. The style is both attentive to anatomical detail and nobly hieratic. This stele of Baal is one of the finest pieces of sculpture that has come down to us from Oriental antiquity." - Louvre

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