Funerary Head of an Elamite

Elamite Male, Susa

This painted clay figure reveals an ancient funerary head of an Elamite man from Susa.

Funerary Head of an Elamite

15th-14th centuries BC
Painted unbaked clay
H 0.24 m; W 0.15 m
Sb 2836


"In the middle of the second millennium, the Susians buried their dead in family vaults under their houses. Next to the head of the deceased, which was probably veiled, they frequently placed a portrait, executed at the moment of death. It is the only example from the East of a genuinely funerary art which aims at personal likeness. This one shows the typical Elamite, with its severe expression characteristic of a tough population which had strong links with mountain dwellers." - Louvre

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