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Reconstructions Sketches of the ancient world from archaeology.

Images of Ancient Rome Photos from around the web.

Images of Herod and Family Photos and items I found around the net.

Images of Roman Emperors Photos, coins, busts, etc. from around the net.

Ancient Assyrian Images Photos of Assyrian reliefs and maps.

Ancient Art Photos of ancient art from various museums.

Coins Photos of ancient coins (Rome, Greece and Judean).

Rome Images Photos from a Rome trip (more to come).

The Christian Martyrs Last Prayer by Leon Gerome

Amarna Letters - Horse Relief

Sculptures of Ammonite Deities

Jasper Seal Bears the Inscription - "Amos the Scribe"

Statue of Amenophis III as the god Amon

Marcus Aurelius - Bronze Equestrian Statue

Persepolis Citadel - Lion Attacking Bull Relief

Julius Caesar Statue

Ignatius' Martyrdom by Lions in the Colosseum

Marble Relief of Augustus' Praetorian Guard

Darius I Enthroned at Persepolis - 500 B.C.

Four-Winged Deity from Assyria Palace of Sargon II

Samaritan Temple Remains at Mount Gerizim

Pharaoh Making an Offering to the Goddess Maat

Fortress of Antonia Pavement at Jerusalem Temple

Amarna Letters - Musicians Blindfolded

Marble Sarcophagus Depicts Jesus and His Disciples

Roman Emperor Commodus Portraying Himself as Hercules

Four Drachma Silver Coin of Antiochus IV Epiphanes

Bust of the Roman Emperor Nero (54-68 A.D.)

Athens Bust of the Philosopher Metrodoros, Pupil of Epicurus

Bust of a First Century A.D. Woman from Minoa

Bust of a First Century A.D. Man

Athens Relief of the Goddess Dionysos

Marble Statue of Poseidon from the Island of Melos Temple

Abdiel Coin

Abijah Scarab Seal

Stele of Naramsin, King of Accad

Lead Slingshot Found at Acco

Phoenician Figurines of Goddesses

Caesarea Coin

Ancient Roman Street

Hilchiah Seal Impression

Abila Coin

Persian Dignitary from the Court of Artaxerxes

Moabite Seal with Mesha Inscription

Ancient Synagogue Mosaic with Pisces Symbol

Carved Ivory Plaques from Ahab's Palace

Ammonite Seal of Ahab

King Darius I Seated on his Throne

Bronze Hebrew Seal with Ahijah Inscription

Babylonian Creation Myth Clay Tablet

Carchemish Relief of Musicians

Mural of Tilling and Sowing in Ancient Thebes

Tower of Babel Painting

Basalt Block King Esarhaddon

Ziggurat at Ur

Egyptian Wall Painting Showing a Caravan

Hazor Baal Mask

Canaanite Astarte Figurine