Philip III Arrhidaeus Coin

Kings of Macedonia coins: Philip III Arrhidaios Silver Tetradrachm Coin Philip III Arrhidaeus (323-317 B.C.) Silver Tetradrachm Babylon Mint Weight 17 g. Diameter 27 mm. Obverse: Head of Herakles right wearing lion skin right. Revese: Zeus seated left, holding eagle and scepter....

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Arsinoe II, Wife of Ptolemy II Coin

Ptolemaic Kings of Egypt: Arsinoe II, Wife of Ptolemy II, Oktadrachm Arsinoe II wife of Ptolemy II Philadelphus or Arsinoe III wife of Ptolemy IV Philopator Gold Oktadrachm (struck under Ptolemy VI or VIII, ca. 180-116 B.C.) Obverse: Diademed and draped bust of the Macedonian queen of Egypt Arsinoe right, with lotus-tipped scepter over shoulder, '...

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