Ptolemy as Satrap of Egypt TETRADRACHM

SILVER TETRADRACHM - 310 BC, Minted by Ptolemy as Satrap of Egypt The Ptolemaic empire was founded by Ptolemy I after the death of Alexander the Great. Ptolemy I was a boyhood friend of Alexander and his most trusted general. After Ptolemy successfully completed the Persian war, Alexander granted him the area of Egypt. He founded an empire that lasted almost 300 years. The empire ended with Cleopatra VII, the Queen of the Nile. This coin was minted shortly after Alexander's death and before Ptolemy assumed the reign as King (Pharaoh) of Egypt. Obv: Alexander the Great in Elephant Skin Cap Rev: Athena Brandishing Spear and Shield Diameter: 27 mm diameter (little larger than a US Quarter and twice as thick)

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