Bible Animals : Fallow Deer

Deer in Wikipedia Deer. - (Hebr., 'yyl). Its name is frequently read in the Scriptures, and its habits have afforded many allusions or comparisons, which fact supposes that the deer was not rare in Israel. Its handsome form, its swiftness, its shyness, the love of the roe for her fawns, are alluded to; it seems from Prov., v, 19 and some other indirect indications that the words 'yyl and 'yylah (deer and hind) were terms of endearment most familiar between lovers.

Fallow-deer in Wikipedia Fallow-deer (Cervus dama or Dama vulgaris) believed by some to be signified by Hebrew yhmr.[citation needed] The fallow-deer is scarce in the Holy Land and found only north of Mount Thabor. If it is mentioned at all in the Bible, it is probably ranked among the deer.