Bible Animals : Antelope

Antelope in Wikipedia The word, first applied as a qualification to the gazelle, on account of the lustre and soft expression of its eye, has become the name of a genus of ruminant quadrupeds intermediate between the deer and the goat. Four species are mentioned in the Bible: (1) the dshon (D.V. pygarg; Deuteronomy 14:5), commonly identified with the antilope addax; (2) the ebh (Deuteronomy 12:15, etc.; D.V. roe) or gazelle, antilope dorcas; (3) the' (Deuteronomy 14:5; D.V. wild goat; Isaiah 51:20, D.V. wild ox), which seems to be the bubale (antilope bubalis); and (4) the yhmr (Deuteronomy 14:5), the name of which is given by the Arabs to the roebuck of Northern Syria and to the oryx (the white antelope, antilope oryx) of the desert.