The Waldensians

This group was found around 1170, about the same time as the Albigenses, by a man named Peter Waldo. He was a rich merchant in Lyons, Southern France and circulated the Bible through his business. He wrote many tracts against the Catholic church. He deposed of his property, took a vow of poverty and gathered a group of likeminded men to go around preaching. They were known as "the poor men of Lyons," and later as Waldenses. The movement spread rapidly until Pope Lucius III excommunicated them in 1184 and officially condemned them as heritics along with the Albigenses.

In 1229 the Council of Toulouse decreed to forcefully suppress the heresy. The inquisition came down upon the Waldenses with great force. They were eventually driven from France where they escaped to caves in the valleys of Northern Italy. Peter Waldo died about 1217 but his movement has survived until the present day.