The American Heritage Dictionary defines a translation as "the act or process of translating, especially from one language to another."

Because most people who want to read the Bible have not learned how to read the original Hebrew and Greek there is an obvious need for translations of the Scriptures into every language in the world. Our desire is to study the English translations or versions and their progressive revisions and improvements as new resources develop.

The English language continues to change. Since the first English translation of the Bible, the language has changed so much that it barely seems intelligible today. The language is still changing, with new words and expressions coming in and old ones going out.

Because the Bible being the message of God to manis so important to be understood properly it should be made available with the best versions possible, which will reproduce in the modern language, the thought of the original. This will therefore clear the way for a person to find out for himself what the Bible has to say.