Solomon's Porch

John 10:23 "And Jesus walked in the temple, in Solomon's Porch."

"And Jesus walked in the temple, in Solomon's Porch."

Attached to the original temple of Solomon was "the porch of judgement" where king Solomon had constructed a large hall 50 cubits long and 30 cubits wide because of the enormous porch in front. Originally there was cedar from floor to ceiling. This was the hall of judgement where the king would make judgements and exercise justice.

The "porch" or "portico" was located on the east side of the outer court of the New Testament temple of Herod, and it rested on a massive Herodian retaining wall (which incidentally can still be seen in part at the present Temple wall area). The wall that supported it was 400 cubits high resting in the valley below and made of marvelous stones.

According to Josephus this was the area of the original temple that survived and was still standing in Jesus' day probably because of its immense size and beauty the Chaldeans left it standing. Its immenseness presented a marvelous appearance. Josephus says, "Its fineness, to such as had not seen it, was incredible; and to such as had seen it was greatly amazing."

It was in these cloisters that the Levites resided and it was here that the doctors of the law met to hear and answer questions.

The porch of Solomon was no doubt a special place for Jesus. It was here that Jesus was seen often, speaking and teaching the people or just walking, as in John 10 during the festival of "lamps" or chanukkah, which commemorates the re-dedication of the temple and of God to His people. Later, after His death his disciples gathered here often.

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