Old Testament Color Maps

Series of O.T. Color Maps for the Study of the Word of God

Map of the Ancient Fertile Crescent (2500 B.C.) - Sometime around 2500 B.C. a great migration developed upon what is known as the "Fertile Crescent," which was like a great arc of cultivable land that extended from the Persian gulf, up and around Mesopotamia and back down to Israel and Egypt. (Color Map)

Map of Israel and her Neighbors (2000 B.C.) - Map of the ancient world at the time when the Amorites came and conquered every kingdom around the western Near East. They built new cities which later became the Canaanite cities of the Bible. (Color Map)

Map of the Egyptian Empire (1450 B.C.) - This map reveals the Egyptian Empire at the time of the Conquest of Canaan by Thutmose III (1450 B.C.). The18th dynasty was established in Egypt during the middle of the 16th century B.C. by Ahmose (Aahmes). At this time Egypt's New Kingdom took complete control over the land of Canaan, the kingdom lasted over 400 years. (Color Map)

Map of Old Testament Israel (900 B.C.) - This map shows the land of Israel after David and Solomon. There are numerous cities mentioned in the Old Testament which have now been verified by history. (Color Map)

Map of the Assyrian Empire (650 B.C.) - This map reveals the Assyrian Empire at the time of Ashurbanipal who conquered kingdoms all the way to Thebes in Egypt. The map shows how vast the Assyrian Empires territory had extended, which covered lands from the Persian Gulf to Egypt to present day Turkey. (Color Map)

Map of the Babylonian Empire (550 B.C.) - This map reveals the boundaries of the Babylonian Empire 30 years after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar. He captured major cities like the Phoenician city of Tyre and he also drove out the Egyptians from Syria and Phoenicia which enabled him to secure a rich trade gateway to the Mediterranean Sea. (Color Map)

Map of the Persian Empire (550 - 486 B.C.) - This map reveals the expansion of the Persian Empire from Cyrus the Great to Darius I, 550-486 BC. The Persian Achaemenid Empire was actually the last great empire of the ancient Near East. Its boundaries extended from the Aegean Sea in the west to the Indus River in the east, such a large empire was created in just a little over 10 years by Cyrus II the Great. (Color Map)

Map of Ancient Mesopotamia - This map reveals the geographical areas in Ancient Mesopotamia from Babylonia to Akkad, to Sumer, to Assyria, and cities like isin, Ur, Larsa and Nineveh in the north. Most scholars date the beginning of Babylonia to the fall of the third dynasty of Ur, around 2000 BC. (Color Map)

Map of Ancient Trade Routes From Mesopotamia - This map reveals the trade routes from ancient Mesopotamia to Egypt and the Mediterranean world. The underlined cites were important trade centers. (Color Map)

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