The Holy Place

Now we will make our entrance into the holy place and examine the door, the framework, the coverings, and the articles inside. When the priest entered the holy place he was entering the tabernacle structure. The tabernacle tent was the main feature in the complex. It was a rectangular structure measuring 30 cubits (45 feet) in length and 10 cubits (15 feet) in both height and breadth.

The Structure

The Holy Place where the priests set out the bread of the Presence was a room 20 cubits long by 10 cubits wide and 10 cubits in height (30 feet x 15 feet x 15 feet). Its sides were formed by the golden upright frames. The beautiful linen curtain with its pattern of cherubim could be viewed through the framework in the front and on the ceiling. There were four golden pillars at the entrance and in the back of the room was the holy veil behind it was the ark of the covenant. Inside the room every piece of holy furniture was golden. The golden lampstand on the left, the table of shewbread on the right, and the golden altar of incense in the back before the veil. (See The Door)

An artist's sketch of the holy place.
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