The Third Punic War

"The fall and ruin of the world will soon take place, but it seems that nothing of the kind is to be feared as long as the city of Rome still stands intact. But when the capital of the world has fallen . . . who can doubt that the end will have come for the affairs of men and for the whole world? It is that city which sustains all things." -Lactantius

The Third Punic War (149-146 BC) Click to See MAP

In 149 BC Rome decided to end things with Carthage once and for all. As Carthage was gaining her wealth back through trade in olives and wine Rome could not forget how desperate had been her struggles for victory and they sent an army to destroy her forever.

Carthage Destroyed

The third Punic War ended with the destruction of Carthage. When Carthage defended herself against the aggressions of the Numidians of North Africa, Rome declared that she had violated her treaty arrangements and after a three-year siege upon Carthage it finally fell (146 BC). The Romans plowed through and leveled everything including houses and walls. Then they sowed salt on the fields (to guarantee that nothing would ever grow there again) and 50,000 people were sold into slavery. Thus Rome made certain that she would have no rival in the West.

The territory was annexed and became the first of Rome's provinces in the province of Africa. Rome's territory becomes tremendous.