Brief Timeline of Events Around the Life of Nero

Dates In Nero’s Life

37 December 15 Nero is born.

39 Claudius marries fourteen year old Valeria Messalina.

39 Messalina bears Claudius a daughter (Octavia).

41 Messalina bears Claudius a son (Britannicus).

41 Claudius is Emperor.

48 Execution of Messalina.

49 Claudius marries niece Agrippina the Younger, (daughter of Claudius's brother Germanicus).

49 Seneca is appointed tutor to Nero.

50 Claudius adopts Nero (then, Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus) as his own son, February 25.

50 The Senate votes Agrippina the title "Augusta."

51 Claudius Consul.

51 Emperor Claudius orders the exile of the Jews from Rome.

53 Nero marries Octavia, Claudius' daughter.

54 Claudius poisoned.

54 Claudius dies (Agrippina probably had him poisoned)

54 Nero becomes emperor at age 17.

Seneca and Burrus are his tutors.

55 Britannicus, the son of Emperor Claudius dies during dinner (Nero probably had him poisoned).

58 Beginning of Roman-Parthian hostilities over Armenia.

59 Agrippina the Younger is put to death for criticizing Nero’s mistress.

59 Nero begins to get out of control.

60 Paul the Apostle is in Rome

60 Revolts break out in Britain against Roman rule.

62 Burrus dies, and Seneca retires.

62 Nero divorces Octavia (banishes her and later kills her)

62 Nero marries his mistress Poppaea.

64 The Great Fire of Rome

64 First imperial 'persecution' of Christians;

65 Work begins on Nero’s 'Golden House' (Domus Aurea)

65 Nero's first public stage performance leads to scandals and plots on his life.

65 In the interest of personal security, Nero kills anyone suspected of treason.

65 Seneca is forced to commit suicide.

66 Nero continues to execute any suspected of treason.

66 Outbreak of rebellion in Judea, the first Jewish revolt against Rome.

66 Nero goes on an extended tour of Greece, many theatrical performances

67 Nero makes Judea consular imperial province

67 Nero appoints Vespasian to head campaign against Jews

68 After receiving political pressure about military matters Nero returns to Rome.

68 (March) Revolt of Vindex

68 (April) Galba's troops in Spain hail Galba emperor.

68 (June 9) Nero is forced to commit suicide (end of Julio-Claudian dynasty).

68 The emperor Nero's assassination launches a year of civil war in Rome.

69 Year of the four emperors: Galba, Otho, Vitellius, and Vespasian.

69 Vespasian is sole emperor until 79.

70 Siege and fall of Jerusalem under military leadership of Vespasian's son, Titus.

70 Coliseum begun by Emperor Vespasian (funded by Jewish defeat).

77 Josephus publishes The War of the Jews

80 The New Testament writings were completed by this time (Bible closed).

80 The Early Church completed her work (foundation laid).

Note: Paul, James and Peter were executed between 60-68 A.D.