Neferkare III

Neferkare III in Wikipedia

Neferkare III, sometimes numbered VII, VIII, or IX, is the third pharaoh of the ninth dynasty of ancient Egypt, c. 2140 BCE (during the First Intermediary Period). This ruler of Herakleopolis Magna is identified by various scholars with the king named Neferkare, mentioned in the biographical text Ankhtify, who is the nomarch of Hieraconopolis and prince of Moala, which is situated about 30 km to the south of Thebes. Ankhtify led a coalition of his nome and Edfu against Thebes. The text describes it thus: Neferkare, in alliance with the nomarchs Hotep and Ankhtify, tried to destroy the power of the Theban princes in Upper Egypt. Given by Ankhtify the job of deposing and substituting for the prince of Edfu, Jui, allied with Intef I (of the contemporary 11th dynasty), in Thebes. Ankhtify, with the help of the prince of Elephantine, attacked the governor of Thebes and his ally the prince of Qift. But the operations were finally suspended, given that the country was paralyzed by a period of drought and famine. Neferkare is not included on the Abydos King List or the Saqqara King List. In the Turin King List his name, Neferkare, is inscribed in the register 4.20. Title nfr k3 rˁ (Neferkare) Neferkare: Beautiful is the spirit (Ka) of Ra (Turin King List nº 4.20)

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