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Criton or Crito (Greek:Κρίτων) may refer to * Criton dialogue of Plato * Crito of Alopece, follower of Socrates * Criton, comic poet of the new comedy * Criton the Macedonian, Olympic winner in 328 BC * Criton of Pieria, historian * Criton of Aegae, Pythagorean philosopher * Criton and Nicolaus of Athens, sculptors of the 1st century AD * Criton of Heraclea in Caria, (Titus Statilius Crito) (c.100 AD), Greek chief physician and procurator of Trajan in the campaign in Dacia, who wrote the medical treatise Cosmetics and a work on history, Getica. * Pascale Criton, French musicologist

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Criton in Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities (1898)

(Κρίτων). A rich citizen of Athens and a friend and disciple of Socrates. He made arrangements to enable Socrates to escape from prison just before his death, but the firmness of the philosopher, who refused to fly, foiled the plan. He was the author of seventeen philosophical dialogues, now lost; and a dialogue of Plato bears his name.

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