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Battus can refer to: * In Greek mythology, Battus is a shepherd from Pylos. Battus witnessed Hermes stealing Apollo's cattle. Though he promised his silence, he told many others. Hermes turned him to stone. * In early Greek history, Battus was the founder of Cyrene, and several kings of Cyrene, of the same name, were descended from him. * Battus is a genus of swallowtail butterflies, family Papilionidae, subfamily Papilioninae. * Battus is also a pseudonym of Dutch author Hugo Brandt Corstius * Battus was a certain order of penitents at Avignon, and in Provence, whose piety carried them to exercise severe discipline upon themselves, both in public and private.

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Battus in Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities

A Lacedaemonian who, in B.C. 631, built the town of Cyrené with a colony from the island of Thera. His proper name was Aristoteles, but he received the name of Battus from his having an impediment in his speech (βατταρίζω=to stutter), though Herodotus (iv. 155) says that βάττος is a derivative from a Libyan dialect, and means "king." He reigned over Cyrené for about thirty years, and was succeeded by his son Arcesilaüs. See Battiadae; Cyrené. A shepherd of Pylos, who promised Hermes that he would not expose his theft of the flocks of Admetus, which were in charge of Apollo. Having broken his promise, he was turned into a stone (Ovid, Met. ii. 702).

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