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Bar'am (Hebrew: בַּרְעָם‎, lit. Son of the People) is a kibbutz located in northern Israel. Located approximately 300 meters from Israel's border with Lebanon near the ruins of the ancient Jewish village of Kfar Bar'am.[1] Bar'am National Park is known for the remains of one of Israel's oldest synagogues.[2] The kibbutz falls under the jurisdiction of Upper Galilee Regional Council. History - At an unknown point subsequent to the Arab conquest of the seventh century but before the thirteenth century, the Jewish population had left the village , which was an entirely Christian village called Kafr Bir'im on the Lebanese border when the inhabitants were expelled by Israel Defense Forces in November 1948.[3] In 1949, with cross-border infiltration a frequent occurrence, the government of the new State of Israel decided not to allow Arab villagers to return to the border zone, which included Bir'im, for security reasons.[4] Bar'am was founded on 14 June 1949 to guard and hold the border with Lebanon by demobilized Palmach soldiers. The kibbutz was established as a secular settlement of the Hashomer Hatzair movement. The kibbutz, with more than 250 members and 200 children, continues to expand despite its close proximity to Israel's northern border...

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