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Books of Chronicles in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE

4. The Contents: With respect to their contents the Books of Chronicles are naturally divided into three parts. The first part is preliminary, consisting mostly of genealogical matters with accompanying facts and incidents (1 Ch 1 through 9). The second part is an account of the accession and reign of David (1 Ch 10 through 29). The thir...

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Books of Chronicles in Easton's Bible Dictionary

The two books were originally one. They bore the title in the Massoretic Hebrew _Dibre hayyamim_, i.e., "Acts of the Days." This title was rendered by Jerome in his Latin version "Chronicon," and hence "Chronicles." In the Septuagint version the book is divided into two, and bears the title Paraleipomena, i.e., "things omitted," or "suppl...

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Books of Chronicles in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Hebrew "Words" or "Acts of days." In the Septuagint Paraleipomena, i.e. "Supplements" to 1 and 2 KINGS. Probably compiled by Ezra. One genealogy, indeed, of a later date, namely, Zerubbabel's, was doubtless added by a more recent hand (1 Chronicles 3:22-24) as was Nehemiah 12:10-11-22-23. The Book of Ezra forms a continuation to Chronicles. Th...

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1st and 2nd Books of Chronicles in Smiths Bible Dictionary

the name originally given to the record made by the appointed historiographers in the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. In the LXX. these books are called Paralipomena (i.e. things omitted), which is understood as meaning that they are supplementary to the books of Kings. The constant tradition of the Jews is that these books were for the most pa...

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