40 BC

Herod the Great appointed King of Judea by Marc Anthony in Rome.

20 BC

Herod begins to rebuild the Great Temple in Jerusalem in an attempt to restore it to its former splendor as under Solomon.

20 BC

Antipas is born to Herod the Great (an Idumaean) and Malthace ( a Samaritan)

4 BC

Jesus of Nazareth born in Roman Palestine (by some estimates).

4 BC

Herod the Great dies.

4 BC

Herod Antipas becomes Tetrarch of Galilee and Peraea

14 - 37 AD

Tiberius I emperor of Rome, b. 42 BC.

18 AD

Caiaphas become high priest in Jerusalem (until 36).

26 AD

Jesus begins his public ministry.

26 (until 36 AD)

Pontius Pilate is governor of Judea.

26 AD

John the Baptist wanders and preaches.
Jesus baptized. [Luke 3,1-2] (15th year of Tiberius).

27 AD

John the Baptist is beheaded on orders from Herod Antipas.

29 AD

Pontius Pilate sends Jesus to Antipas in Jerusalem
Herod Antipas send Jesus back to Pontius Pilate for trial
Jesus of Nazareth is crucified in Jerusalem.

39 AD

Herod Antipas is banished to Lyons in Gaul.
Herodias comes to join Antipas in exile.