The Tabernacle

In the Bible God said to Moses:

“There I will meet with you, and I will tell you from above the mercy seat, from between the two cherubim which are on the ark of the covenant, all that I command you for the children of Israel.” - Exodus 25:22

The Ark of the Covenant was located in the Tabernacle, which was God's sanctuary. The Tabernacle was a portable sanctuary that the tribes of Israel encamped around as they journeyed through the wilderness. The Ark of the Covenant was placed behind the veil in the Holy of Holies, a small room that contained nothing except the Ark of the Covenant. God also appeared above the Ark and between the Cherubim when he spoke to Moses.

Illustration of the Tabernacle as Described in the Bible

Table of Contents: The Ark of the Covenant, The Presence of God, Brief Summary, Biblical Description, The Mercy Seat, The Tabernacle, The History of Israel, David, Solomon, Israel and Judah, Israel's Rejection, The Second Temple, The Temple of Herod, What Happened to the Ark of the Covenant?, The True Meaning, The Blood of Jesus